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The best Hits of Romania

 Dan Balan - justify sex

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Xonia was born in Melbourne, Australia where he began his musical career at age 8 years and up to age 14, already had signed a contract with a label.
A young girl eager to work and performance that has developed enough musical knowledge and their exact shape and type of artist who wanted to become. Xonia begun to create a unique musical style with the development of the first or original material and turn into a singer who has mastered the live performance experience.
                                                                             4 place!

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The best Hits of Romania

CRBL's proposal in 2001 joined the band Simple.In 2007 he began working with the TV station Pro TV series "One step forward, where his plays Sheba, a talented former student, the best in school, which has frozen the year because of problems with drugs.

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The best Hits of Romania

Alexandra Stan was born on June 10, 1989 in Constanta . He studied at the Lyceum in the city of Trajan was born and is now second year student at the Faculty of Management Andrei Saguna. He participated in various music-related contests with a notable appearance at the Mamaia Festival section interpretation.


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